Ellen Nauwynck - Modern Artist 

I make mindmaps. Places to wander around in. My art is infused with a mix of quantum physics, nature, the universe - just life itself". 

My name is Ellen Nauwynck. I was born on the 30th of October, 1981, and live in Belgium.

From 2001 till 2012 I lived in Brussels, were I studied and worked as a graphic designer.

In 2012 I returned to my hometown Wijnendale (Torhout) with my family.

​In 2013 I experienced my first serious episode of psychosis. In the following years four more episodes followed. 


Being creative has always been my first love but after my first episode I decided something major had to change in my live. I started to study and become a nurse because, besides being creative, helping people always felt like a second nature.

I worked as a nurse since march 2017, but continued to struggle with my mental disorder. Since march 2018 I am at home because of this. I make my artwork at home as a therapy to clear my mind.

My art represents the way I think about life, the world, the universe. Since I experienced my episodes of psychosis I am much more in touch with my self in a spiritual way.

After years of tremendous fear, anger and shame,

I can finally accept myself and my psychological vulnerability. Now I want to use my work of art to open a conversation about mental disorders

to help break the catastrophic effects of mental health stigma.

​Part of the sales-profits will be invested in a project where people, going through an intens crisis, can be guided along this experience without (or with a minimal amount of) medication.

A place where this experience is not merely seen as only a symptom of a disease to get rid of.

The crisis is a wave of unprocessed emotions floating to the surface of the mind,

not to be repressed by anti-psychotics, but to be dealt with in a humane way.

 © 2020 by Ellen Nauwynck. 

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